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What Is The Maryland Mortgage Program?

About the Maryland Mortgage Program

Buying a home is a big deal. For Marylander's just like you, it may be the single largest purchase you ever make, and the choices you make can impact your family’s life for years to come. For many people, becoming a homeowner can mean stability, greater control over how you live, and the potential for building wealth and equity for your family’s future.

What is the Maryland Mortgage Program?

The Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) provides 30-year fixed-rate home loans to eligible home buyers purchasing in Maryland. Loan terms are competitive with other home loan products on the market, but what makes MMP unique is the range of associated financial incentives and other assistance that, for many home buyers, means the difference between being able to purchase and continuing to rent.

Home Loans

All home loan products available through MMP are 30-year, fixed-interest rate mortgages. There are a few different types of home loan products, and they generally vary by the kinds of down payment and closing cost assistance that are available with them. The main loan product types available through MMP are Grant Assist, Loan Assist and Rate Assist. 

Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance

Down payment and closing cost assistance is money that you can use to meet the requirements for securing a home loan, and which makes the purchase a of a home more affordable. Funds available for down payment and closing costs may be provided in the form of a grant (Grant Assist Program) or as a deferred, no-interest loan (Loan Assist Program).

Maryland HomeCredit Program (Federal Tax Credits)

A Maryland HomeCredit, otherwise known generically as a “mortgage credit certificate” is issued to the home buyer at the time of the purchase of a home, and allows the homeowner to claim a federal tax credit of up to $2,000 each year for the life of the loan. The amount that can be claimed each year is based on the amount of mortgage interest paid on the loan. Fees may apply.

Partner Match Program

Many organizations and employers in Maryland have programs to help home buyers including grants, loans and other helpful assistance. If you’re using the Loan Assist Program, any financial assistance you receive from these organizations is matched (up to $3,500) as additional down payment assistance.

Statewide Approved Lender Network

Home buyers can apply for a Maryland Mortgage Program home loan through one of more than 80 approved mortgage lenders. Loan officers from these approved organizations can help home buyers customize a home loan package that’s right for them, and will collect, review and submit all relevant documents during the loan application process.

Homebuyer Education

Homebuyer education, sometimes called housing or pre-purchase counseling, helps homebuyers prepare for the journey of purchasing a home and the many new challenges of being a homeowner. For some Maryland Mortgage Program loans, completing homebuyer education is a requirement. Note that in some jurisdictions, specific course providers or course types must be completed to meet full eligibility for a Maryland Mortgage Program loan.


Who Administers the Maryland Mortgage Program?

📷The Maryland Mortgage Program is provided by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). 

The agency’s Division of Development Finance, also known as the Community Development Administration (CDA), is the state’s Housing Finance Agency, a state-chartered authority that helps meet the affordable housing needs of the residents of Maryland.

Want to learn more? Give me a call at (410) 861-7130 to see if you qualify and to get the process started or click here.

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