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Baltimore City Employee Homeownership Incentive

Employees of City agencies and quasi-city agencies, who are employed and paid by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City, may receive up to a $5,000 toward buying a home.


  • Homebuyer must be employed and paid by the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore City for a minimum of six months.

  • Only one City employee per household may receive assistance.

  • The mortgage loan may not exceed $417,000.

  • Homebuyer must earn their Homeownership Counseling Certificate from a City-approved counseling agency before writing a sales contract.

  • The home must be the homebuyer’s primary residence.

  • Homebuyer must invest a minimum of $1,000 from personal resources.

  • Incentive may be used toward downpayment and closing costs.

  • Incentive is a five-year forgivable loan (Your balance is forgiven by 20% each year, at the end of five years you no longer have a balance).

  • This incentive may be used in addition to other incentives.Incentive appears as a second lien on property until the balance is forgiven or repaid.

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